My dream is to support others going through their healing as well. I have a lot of space for hearing other folks’ healing journeys, and I think there’s a lot of beauty around sharing knowledge and community in healing, because trauma is everywhere in our society, whether it surfaces as PTSD or not. And it is in my body, and it is in yours, and the only way to heal is in relationship. So join me, tell me your journey, and I’ll share mine, and let’s heal together.

I also am in the works of creating a deep deep pot of money to support others’ healing journey, because healing from trauma is not cheap. Until I can make that happen, let’s join in community.


I do love you, AND there’s a reason why this teabag was in the trash. I have boundaries. I am sometimes not able to help you heal in the way that you want. I am not your therapist, and I am not your only source of healing information, or one of two sources, or one of three. But I am incredible at helping you find and create your own sources of healing, and celebrating you on your journey. Don’t worry about hurting me or crossing my boundaries; I will tell you what my boundaries are and will communicate them to you.

I provide input on all healing work, whether it surfaces as PTSD or not.

If you’d like to touch base, please email me at healtrauma.org@gmail.com.